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For over five years I've been publishing my regular newsletter, The Raine Report Gold, which contains my most advanced and cutting edge information. Make no mistake, these are my most lucrative and secretive strategies and tactics that I have been personally using over the years to build my business and help my consulting clients.

Containing in-depth articles such as the one big idea which you can take away and build a business around, as well as a killer instant action secret to use immediately to boost your bottom line, it represents my collected thoughts, experiments, practical experience, and get-out-of-Dodge advice delivered in the most concise way that I possibly can with absolutely no flim-flam, waffle, or hype.

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From Homeless And Broke To $44,400 In Just 105 Days
This is a nuts, bolts, warts, and all case study showing how Robbie went from running a successful dry wall business to homeless after the banks repossessed his home, then built a brand new business from scratch becoming a full time Indiana Jones. (#35 p.1)

The 'Dead Cat Bounce' Big Idea
I have been on the bones of my ass three times in my life, and each time I knew no matter how much my confidence took a beating, that I had made my money back twice before, and no matter how dire the situation, I could make good again. From having a $420,000 debt in 2002 I am going to show you exactly how I picked myself up, started again from scratch, and how a dead cat bounce helped along the way! (#27 p. 5)

Laser Target Your Customers Like A Sniper
Discover how I uncover my customer's age, income, gender, occupation, hobbies, education level, the products they buy, and much, much, more just from their email address, then use this killer data to promote the right products, to the right people and make more money! (#1 p. 46)

The Triple Stack Profit Booster Method
Let me show you a simple and highly effective technique for creating a quick surge in your profits, using an easy to follow process that can be done in virtually any niche and market. Trust me when I tell you that this rapid method can implement in a very short space of time, and if you don't put this into place today then you're literally throwing money down the drain... (#11 p. 8)

Get Twice As Many Customers FAST!
Let me show you the 5 minute fix which doubled my opt-in rate and skyrocketed my list building process. And to make the whole thing a breeze to implement I'll even give you an exclusive WordPress plugin. Building your lists is crucial to online success, and this will help you get more customers and help sell more products. (#1 p. 67)

The Fast Follower Advantage
Discover the system I have been using for nearly 15 years to build new niche businesses with very little risk. You'll be stunned at the simplicity and brilliance of this process that can be used to start from scratch in brand new markets, or build and grow your existing customer base. (#1 p. 7)

The #1 Secret To Uncover Multi-Million Dollar Niches
Rarely do I come across anything, let alone a single tool, that has the potential to make millions of dollars so easily. I am not exaggerating here. What I am going to show you is going to change how you make money forever, and you will see first hand how simple it is to build a list of hundreds of 'million dollar' niches in just a couple of hours... (#2 p. 58)

Killer Subject Line Secrets
I've made millions of dollars by dominating my email lists, and the first step to success is getting your emails opened. Let me give you exclusive access to my 17 powerful subject line secrets that I personally use to boost my open rates. Simply copy and paste these gems and start dominating your lists today! (#1 p. 23)

Rip Apart Your Competition In 1 Simple Step
Let me show you how to completely tear apart your competition's business, giving you access to all of their closely guarded secrets, and allow you to steal their most profitable campaigns to use immediately, saving your hours of your precious time and money, and letting them do all the hard work for you to swipe... (#2 p. 64)

Wowing Your Customers With Dynamic Voodoo
Getting people to take notice of you is hard, but I want to reveal to you a killer way to use a simple and highly effective hack to improve your response rates. I will also provide you with an easy to use tool that will have you implementing this kick-ass technique in under 5 minutes. You need to see this in order to believe it! (#2 p. 73)

Starting From Scratch: The Overachiever System
This is possibly one of my most closely guarded secrets, and something I use to take apart any online business to uncover all their dirty little secrets, then use that information to rapidly take over their niche. This strategy will allow you to build a highly successful and profitable business from scratch, with very little risk, and give you massive rewards. (#2 p. 5)

Stand Out And Grab Attention
Something happened the other day that grabbed my attention and made me really sit up and take notice, and trust me, that's a very hard feat to achieve. Let me show you exactly what it was, and more importantly, how this can get you more customers and more leads. This is a seriously simple yet ultimately powerful thing, that is also very lucrative... (#2 p. 45)

The Simple Split Test That Increased Conversions By 186.4%
Let me reveal to you the simple split test which skyrocketed my conversions by a whopping 186.4% The added bonus is that it took me less than 5 minutes to set up, and the results were the exact opposite of what I imagined! The biggest mistake you can make is assuming you know what your customers want, and if you don't run this test then you are leaving serious money on the table. (#2 p. 42)

Optimising For The Gmail Promotions Tab
Standing out from the crowd is an absolute must if you want to get your messages opened, and I will show you the easiest and quickest route to making your emails look glorious and set you apart from all the others out there. Virtually no-one is doing this right now, and I will also show you a killer free service to make the whole process simplequick, and painless! (#2 p. 49)

Discover the Facebook Stepping Stone Method
With over a billion users Facebook has become one of the go-to places for ads that can drive a hoard of targeted traffic to your sites. But everyone does them wrong! Let me show you the best way to get laser-targeted ads delivered for the cheapest price possible. No one is doing this right now! (#3 p. 52)

Hypnotic Techniques To Explode Your Conversions
Converting your browsers into buyers can be hard, but I am going to reveal to you two of my most sneakiest and highly effective techniques that will help you get more conversions in less time than it takes to say 'Derren Brown'. As well as outlining my two golden tricks I'm also giving you a swipe file of my personal favourites so you can implement them and get started right away! (#3 p. 64)

Get Focussed & Disrupt
Discover why I made a monumental and ground-breaking decision that would have a massive affect on everyone around me - I sold everything I had, closed down all of my businesses, and started again from scratch! One of the worst fears people have is starting over from zero, let me show you that there is nothing to fear, and it is simple to get started (#1 p.18)

The One Phrase That Boosted My Opt-Ins By 23.64%
Let me reveal the simple split test that increased my opt-in rate by almost a quarter! Effective email marketing is still the number one way that I make money online, and with my latest split test I just managed to grab a bunch of extra new customers by just changing a single phrase on my opt-in form. Find out exactly what it was, and us it to boost your lists today! (#3 p. 60)

The Overachiever System: Phase II
In the next phase of the Overachiever process we start to tear down and rip apart the competition's sales funnel, uncovering all the secrets of where they're making their money, and breaking down the exact steps we need to take in order to take over and start making money quickly. This is where the rubber hits the road! (#3 p. 6)

The 30 Second Affiliate Ads Trick
This neat little trick will let you track down the sites that your competition and their affiliates are using to advertise their products, allowing you to quickly uncover the best performing sites and ad networks for you to target and get the best bang for your buck. This rapid method will save you time and money by giving you a list of prime ad spots to target! (#2 p. 70)

Supercharge Your Sales In Just 4 Days!
People think it's hard and that it takes time to get a bunch of sales, but in all reality you can get a swathe of new sales in a very short space of time. Let me show you my super-simple kick-ass method to boost your sales, FAST! This method can be used to devastating effect on new productsexisting products, and in any niche or market. (#3 p. 23)

From Bankrupt To Billionaire
I love inspirational stories. I love reading how people go from being on the bones of their ass to making it. I love to hear their struggles, their successes, and most importantly their resolve. Learn how one guy who had amazing self belief almost went bankrupt, but with just 48 hours to spare turned it around, took a massive gamble, and became a multi-billionaire! (#3 p. 20)

Improve Your Odds By Hacking The Inbox
Uncover my two most effective hacks to make sure your emails skip the dreaded 'Promotions' tab and get front-and-centre in your customer's inbox. Getting your emails actually seen is vital, and a small tweak can make a killer difference to your income. Also find out the single biggest mistake that nearly cost me big time... (#1 p. 59)

How To Avoid The Spam Trap?
There are two simple mistakes which nearly everyone makes that are the number one reason why your emails end up in the spam bin. Let me show you the easy 5 minute fix to make sure you get your email delivered. Get this wrong and you are literally throwing money down the drain... (#1 p. 41)

Kick-Ass Competition Research
There's a problem with competition research, people have been focussing on the wrong stats, and they have been missing out on niches and markets that could have made them stacks of cash. Let me show you the new metrics that you should be paying attention to, and how these can help you attack and make money in markets you never thought possible! (#4 p. 42)

The Overachiever System: Phase III
In the final phase of my number one way to build highly successful and profitable businesses from scratch we look at the final crucial factors to take onboard before we launch our product and enter the market, then we pull the trigger and start making some money! (#4 p. 22)

Double Your Output With One Simple Step
People spend countless hours focussing on the wrong things, and wasting time on unproductive tasks. Discover how I made one simple change which skyrocketed my productivity and doubled my output. Undertaking this quick and easy task will help you take your business forwards, save you countless hours of effort, and ultimately make you more money. (#4 p. 8)

The $60,000 Per Year Secret
This is one of my favourite business models because it is highly lucrative, it is an easy sell to your customers, and best of all it can be quickly run as a side project alongside all the other things you are doing - which is helpful if you're working a full-time job and want to transition over to working for yourself or to build up some cash to launch other products. (#5 p. 4)

Discover A Secret, Or Take The Money?
It's quite simple really, the more people you can get to take action will put more money into your pocket. I run countless tests each day to improve all of my key stats, right from getting people to open an email all the way through to handing over their money to make the purchase. In my latest test I decided to make my two best performers go head to headwith explosive results! (#6 p. 112)

The #1 Swipe File From A Copywriting Master
Getting people to part with their money and buy your product requires you to grab their attention and speak directly to their inner-most, deepest, darkest desires. Let me share with you my swipe file resource that I personally use to get my creative juices flowing, and helps me put together headlines that have pulled in millions of dollars worth of sales. (#8 p. 83)

Stomp The Competition With This Secret Tactic
The search engines are constantly tweaking and changing how they crawl and rank sites, and if you don't keep up then you can quickly lose spots in the resultsDiscover the hidden underestimated and underrated tactic to getting your sites ahead of everyone else out there, letting you stomp over the competition to grab a top spot in the results... (#7 p. 73)

The Free Tool I Use To Take Control And Dominate
Let me give you the full lowdown on a completely free tool I’ve been using for around a year which has given me ultimate control over a crucial element of my business, allowing me to accurately track key items, help me increase my email deliverability rates, it has boosted my brand, and has also allowed me to quickly test multiple markets to drive more sales. (#7 p. 8)

Discover What Your Customers Really Want, FAST!
Engagement with your followers and fans is key. The more you can connect, and the more you can build that relationship, then the better your business will be for it. Let me show you how one of the social networks is testing a new simple way to connect and engage with your fans, followers, and customers which can help you provide the exact products they want to buy. (#7 p. 35)

The One Secret Technique To Expand Your Wallet
There is so much bunkum out there on how you should start off to quickly make money, but there's one simple but highly crucial thing that absolutely no one tells you. I want to share with you the one secret technique that will help to get your emails openedget your sales letters readget your video watched, and get your wallet expanded... (#7 p. 4)

Beating The RankBrain With Broad Topic Pages
It's really quite scary - Google have got an artificial intelligence machine that processes about 450 million searches per day, and they say it gives better results than their search engineers. I've discovered a secret side effect of the RankBrain and I want to give you a strategy that I have been using for a long time to get way better rankings for a large variety of phrases... (#8 p. 6)

The One Simple Phrase That Increased My Sales
Quite often the devil is in the details, and the smallest changes you can make nearly always give you the biggest (and most surprising!) rewards. Let me show you the quick split test I ran which increased my sales, and also reduced my refund rates. This is a ridiculously quick test to run, and if you don't do this today then you're leaving money on the table. (#8 p. 15)

How To Write Eyeball-Grabbing Headlines, FAST!
If you don't grab attention at the headline then you've already lost the sale, and when it comes to putting together a sales page, writing the headline to grab the browsers interest is the thing people struggle with most. Discover how to write results-pulling headlines which instantly grab attention in super-quick time, even if you've never written a single line of copy before! (#8 p. 41)

Super-Sneaky High Quality Content... For FREE!
Putting together high quality content can be time consuming, and if you choose to take the outsourcing route then it can quickly become very expensive. Let me show you how to get an unlimited supply of high quality original content, that won't cost you a single penny... (#8 p. 19)

The Billionaire Masterclass: Walt Disney
If you want to set yourself on a path to freedom, where you work the hours you want, go on long vacations when it suits you, and escape from the dreary trudge of a 9 to 5 existence, then you need to take the steps that the true pioneers take. Discover the simple and highly effective ideas you can steal from a master which will let you take your business to infinity, and beyond! (#9 p. 23)

The Quick Trick To Boost Your Trust Factor
Building up trust is a key factor in getting more sales and more customers, and this is just as true for people delivering digital goods online, as it is with local businesses trying to get people to come through the door. Let me reveal to you the little known quick trick that will give you a fast boost in your trust, and will take you less than five minutes to implement. (#9 p. 49)

Manipulating The Masses For Profit
I’ve been told by my friends that revealing this to you is a mistake, and that I should keep this locked away behind closed doors - but I totally disagree with them. Today I’m going to reveal to you a marketing technique that I have been using for many years to devastating effect that will condition your lists to quickly respond to your messages, and ultimately increase your sales. (#9 p. 3)

The Sneaky Branding Trick
Being in charge of your brand is important, and it’s something you need to be on top of on all of your properties – both those you own, and the third party ones you operate on. You want to make it easy for people to find you, and have a simple and memorable way to quickly access your content. Discover the quick sneaky trick to getting your brand front and center on YouTube. (#9 p. 18)

Killer Secrets Of YouTube Optimization
When it comes to optimization then people often overlook the important things that will give you the best bang for your buck. Let me show you the fast and highly effective optimisation techniques to get better rankings and clicks on all of your YouTube videos, getting you more traffichigher rankingsmore viewslonger watch times and a better rate of return. (#9 p. 12)

Steal The Secret Of My Success
Back in 2002 I was at a crushingly low point in my life, I was on the bones of my ass, and then something amazing happened that turned me around and has been one of the guiding factors to my success. I am now going to reveal to you exactly what it was that took me from absolute rock bottom, catapulting me forwards to a life of ultimate freedom. (#10 p. 33)

The Lifetime Cash Machine System
We're now living in an age when it's super hard to get your customers to part with their cash, but it doesn't have to be as hard as you think, and there is a killer way to make it happen with ease. Discover my #1 strategy of rapidly building eager lists of customers who will become lifetime cash machines, allowing you to simply hoover money from their wallets... (#10 p. 40)

Advanced Triple Stack Profit Booster
I'm going to reveal to you a step-by-step strategy which will let you easily and quickly boost your income and skyrocket your profits. Not only will I detail all the crucial steps for you, I will also share with you one of my entire live campaigns so you can see how this is done in the real world, and I'm also going to show you the sneaky secret tool I personally use to take this to the next level... (#11 p. 24)

How To Build A Six Figure Business In 15 Minutes A Day
Let me show you the devastatingly simple technique that will change how you do business forever. This one small thing takes less than fifteen minutes a day, and the power you get from it is astonishing. Using this strategy I turned a dead list into a conversion monster that earned $41,400 inside of ONE MONTH. Find out exactly how you can do this today! (#12 p. 55)

Avoid The Deathtraps, Get A 50% Sales Boost
There are a couple of lethal deathtraps that people running an online business constantly fall into, which can easily be avoided, and if handled correctly then could earn you a 50% uplift in your sales. The crying shame is that not only have you probably seen these in action, you may already be doing these yourself... Discover the deathtraps, and how to avoid them right now! (#11 p. 57)

Specialisation Methods To Increase Revenue
We are at a critical crossroads in our global economy, and we're now at a place where the middle ground is receding, giving us options of going for volume or going for the high ground. In this killer piece I outline why targeting something as a specialist is going to take your wealth to the next level - and the kicker is that you already have the skills to make it happen... (#11 p. 73)

The Quick Split Result You Can Use Right Now To Get A 37% Boost In Sales
I've run thousands of different split test, which over the years have added up to a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that have ultimately made me millions in return. I'm going to reveal to you a simple and fast test that I recently ran, which gave me a whopping 37% boost in my sales. This is something you can steal from me and add into your business to get rapid results. (#11 p. 19)

Hitting The Mother Lode
Discover how to target the top small percentage of your customers, who will not only happily pay a higher price, they'll actually go ahead pay an outrageously high price. This strategy can give you enormous profits allowing you to grab a massive cash hoard to grow your main business, or take a bumper payout to help pay off your mortgage, buy a boat, and sip Mai Tai's on the beach... (#12 p. 46)

Two Rapid Strategies To Easily Boost Your Profits
I'm going to show you how two rapid changes will help you get more money from your customers, and also give you a whole bunch of newly found free time to do whatever you want. These changes are simple and quick to implement, they can be done by anyone, in any niche or market, with no prior knowledge, and there's nothing stopping you from succeeding. (#12 p. 6)

Sell To The Caveman
The human brain is a fascinating thing, and over the millennia it's been evolving into the first line of defence, acting primarily as our 'bullshit detector' to stop us getting fleeced. Let me show you the secret techniques to bypassing that ever present gatekeeper, helping you sell your products more easily, and massively increasing your income in a snap. (#13 p. 26)

42%+ Instant Profit Boost
What if I showed you a way to instantly double your income by making one simple change that would have an immediate impact and get more sales? That is exactly what I'm going to do, and not only do I explain why this single change can help any business in any niche or market, I'm also giving you a killer download so that you can implement this TODAY! (#14 p. 56)

Laser Target Your Customers Like A Sniper
You are about to discover one of the most important and potentially lucrative things that most people don't even consider, which can have far reaching consequences for your business and your income. By taking these simple steps you will put yourself ahead of 95% of your competition, and will increase your conversions and sales dramatically. (#14 p. 5)

Follow A Live Campaign And Learn How To Sell Without Selling
You are about to learn a strategy that will help you sell more of your products, but with a twist... The twist is that this strategy doesn't actually focus on your product at all. Now I know, that sounds a little insane, and not only will I tell you how to do this, I'm also going to give you total unrestricted access to one of my live campaigns to see exactly how it's done. (#15 p. 70)

Get Twice As Many Customers FAST!
Let me show you the 5 minute fix which doubled my opt-in rate and skyrocketed my list building process. And to make the whole thing a breeze to implement I'll even give you an exclusive WordPress plugin. Building your lists is crucial to online success, and this will help you get more customers and help sell more products. (#15 p. 127)

Kung Fu Fighting, Truffles, And A Piece Of Ham
Most people are happy just idling by, making enough money to pay the bills, but if you want to be really rich there are some small changes you can put in place which will make all the difference to your wealth. Discover how kung fu fighting, truffles, and a piece of ham can teach us all we need to know about making vast amounts of money. (#15 p. 3)

It's All About The Emotions
I've said it before and I'll say it again - people don't buy based on logic, they always buy based on emotions, but the problem is that so many just carry on with drab sales copy which falls flat at the very first hurdle. Discover all the main emotional triggers which will help you craft killer sales copy that will help you become a master and sell more easily!(#16 p. 24)

Rub Salt In The Wound
Most marketers would never dream of telling you this, and once you know about it you'll be surprised at just how powerful it can be if it's used properly. Trust me when I tell you that this easy technique can make a massive difference in turning those browsers into buyers, flipping even the most lackluster of readers into new customers. (#16 p. 16)

How To Easily Turn Browsers Into Buyers
I see many people making the same mistake online every single day, and the worse thing is that this mistake is killing their conversions dead and costing them sales that can easily be had. I'm going to reveal to you the one quick question that you need to be able to answer that will help you skyrocket your sales and turn those browsers into avid buyers, FAST! (#17 p. 29)

Lead Them To Water And Make Them Drink
There's an old saying that goes "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink", and this does ring true for many things. But what if you had the power to lead people to water, and once they arrived you not only make them drink, but they actually want to drink? Learn the sneaky mind control trick that will have your readers guzzling down whatever you hand them. (#17 p. 56)

Magnitude Of Bullshit
People make snap decisions every single day using reasons that you probably don't ever consider, and if you can identify these things then you'll find that you'll not only be able to position yourself as the go-to guy or gal, but people will want to hand over their money to you. Find out how to identify these crucial things, and how wading through a magnitude of bullshit can help you! (#17 p. 40)

What's Black And White And Red All Over?
Colors can have a massive impact, they can evoke emotions, they can help your brand stand out, and if used properly they can be the difference between you making a sale, or driving your customer away. Discover the important rules that you absolutely must follow, let me share with you the one simple trick that can have an immediate boost on your conversions. (#17 p. 22)

11 Quick Ways To Boost Your Leads
If you take the time to build a relationship with people then it will reward you tenfold, allowing you to sell more easily and leverage those people to further expand your lists and business empire along the way. But it all starts with getting leads. Let me give you my eleven solid strategies for getting more leads to help you build up your business quickly. (#18 p. 48)

Discover The 5% Rule And Become The Expert
There's a simple rule to making money: the more credibilitytrust, and influence you have, then the more easily you'll make sales and build a rabid following. Becoming the expert is the best way to make this all happen, and it's far easier than you ever imagined! Discover my unique 5% Theory to becoming an expert in anything and the crucial content gapyou need to have. (#18 p. 62)

The Future Of Commerce
I am not sure ten years ago, or to be quite frank even five years ago, I could have foreseen this happening. But this year marked a significant swing in the way that we shop online, and if you're not rolling with these changes then you are going to be left in the dust wondering just where your business went. Find out what the big shift is, and how this is going to be a killer opportunity ... (#18 p. 70)

7 Rapid Ways To Get More Money
Most people think that in order to make more money you have to put in a whole heap of extra time and effort, but in reality there are a few super quick changes you can make which will help you rake in a ton of cash. Let me show you my seven rapid ways of using assets you already have, and tweaking them to help you bring in a boat-load more cash to start your year off with a bang! (#18 p. 6)

Do You Know Where The Passion Is?
Passionate people are the goldmine. If someone is passionate about something then they will do almost anything for it, and more importantly they will happily pay almost anything for it. Discover the hidden secrets of tapping directly into people's inner most passions, and then using this to build lifetime customers who will happily give you money over, and over again... (#19 p. 43)

The Virtual Revolution
This is perhaps the most important article I have ever written and one that you absolutely must pay total attention to. For far too long have people made the same mistakes, over and over again, and there's one crucial issue that many of us have completely put out of our minds. You need to read this today, and the people who take heed will be the leaders of tomorrow. (#21 p. 3)

Steal This Entire Campaign!
I just ran a very successful promo campaign and I want you to just steal it off me so you can run it to create a bunch of new sales. I'm going to share with you the entire promo detailing the sales funnel, why the main sales elements worked so well, the back-end products, all the emails and stats, and I also detail how to get extra sales that you wouldn't normally get. Grab this now. (#21 p. 16)

Bots Rule The World
The way people engage and interact online has changed massively, and there's one area that is starting to boom right now which you can jump into without needing to know any technical stuff at all. In this edition I've got a full three part course outlining how you can be part of the new bot revolution, using free tools which will set you apart and bring in more money! (#23 p. 2, p. 10, p. 97)

Page Rank Is Dead, Long Live Page Rank
Take a sneak peek at Google's new algorithm for Page Rank and discover how, even if you just a small site, you can become an authority with you a few backlinks. (#30 p.19)

Laser Target With Precision Selling
The sure fire way to tank your sales is to blanket target and go after the wrong people, but if you can identify only those browsers who are interested then you can make an absolute killing. Let me show you the simple strategy I've been using which quickly identifies those people who are willing buyers and get them to seamlessly hand over their money to you!(#24 p. 3)

The Secret Of The Second Subject Line
Email remains my #1 way to generate income, it's just as powerful today as it's ever been, and the most important thing you need to focus on is getting your emails opened and read. If someone doesn't open your message then I'm afraid you've already lostSteal my ninja technique to getting that all important open and increase your results dramatically. (#20 p. 16)

Steal Another Of My Campaigns!
There's a quicksimple, and easy strategy that allows you to identify only those browsers who are interested which will help you get far better sales. Seriously, this is one of those things that you wish you'd done years ago. Inside I'm going to give you exclusive behind the scenes access to my full campaign showing you exactly how I do this so you can steal it and use it today! (#25 p. 2)

Do You Want A Rapid Shortcut?
I'm giving you exclusive behind the scenes access to one of my full live campaigns so that you can steal it and get started making money quickly. But wouldn't it be nice if you also had a full set of pages and ready made scripts to run your own campaigns? Well look no further! Grab these shortcuts to get your campaigns live in a matter of minutes... (#25 p. 25)

Moving The Marketing Goalposts
If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me that 'email is dead' then I'd be sitting on a beach sipping margaritas whilst lazing in the warm sun. Email is far from dead, but the sands are shifting and you need to be ready to take advantage of the changes that are happening right now. Let me show you how you can jump on board before the crowd and grab your head start. (#26 p. 28)

Uncover The Secret Of Positioning
Combine the power of 'The Big Idea’ and these two,  little used,  positioning techniques to gain a huge advantage over even well established authorities in your niche. I have used these techniques to build huge businesses both for myself and my clients. (#28 p.5)

One Thousand Fans And Getting Noticed 
You have probably heard about having 1,000 true fans, well in this article I want to show you the true value of 1,000 true fans and how you can build a list of loyal customers without spending a dime in just a few months time, and I want to show you how Jack went from a complete unknown to having a loyal list of 22,000 who generated him over half a million dollars in a single week using just email and an order form. He will probably triple that this year without having to add a single name to his list.  (#29 p.4)

Case Study: How Urgency TRIPLED Software Sales
This article is written by a good friend of mine Brent Hodgson who was the co-founder of the well known software company ‘Market Samurai’ and is all about how they used the power of urgency to triple sales of their software. (#29 p.14)

The Thirty Day Hold
There are only three reasons that people don't buy for from you, and in this article I am going to share one little Gary Halbert technique will help you overcome these objections, and show you how a customer of mine made over a million dollars by implementing this one single thing in his sales process. (#29 p.18)

Renegade List Builder
This course is a collection of everything I have learned about list building over the course of my marketing career. I will be sharing all the tips and tricks I use to build massive lists (#30 p. 3)

Fixing The Fundementals
How one small and simple change helped grow a list from a few thousand names to nearly 25,000 in less than six months without spending a dime on advertising. (#30 p. 7)

The Zeigarnik Effect 
This is simply the highest converting list building technique that I use, and has on average increased the number of signups by 600% on each and every site that I have implemented it on. (#30 p. 14)

Behind The Scenes Of The Renegade Email Launch
Get a behind the scenes look at the launch of my latest product and find out what tactics I will be using to become an authority in the market. (#31 p. 2)


New Bonus Just Added

The Start From Scratch
30 Day Challenge

After meeting up with Ed in Liverpool late last year and reminiscing over the good old days, I decided to run a brand new 30 Day Challenge and show EXACTLY how I would Start From Scratch with No ProductNo Money, No List, No Social Media Presence, and No Reputation.


Hundreds of Raine Report members took part in The Challenge and launched brand new businesses making thousands of dollars at launch. You get access to the complete 30 day course when you sign up.

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Bootcamp For Free

Simply put, recurring subscription revenues are the number one way to build a seven figure income online, and newsletters are often the quickest and easiest path to achieving this. They allow you to build trust, authority, and credibility with your audience before you ask for the sale.


Getting anyone to buy from you cold, that very first time, is hard. The second time is easy, and the key tipping point always comes down to trust.


A newsletter lets you shortcut this whole process and gain that trust and build credibility in your marketplace very quickly and very easily.


Newsletters can also help you quickly build a highly targeted and focused list of buyers, and this is possibly the most powerful result of publishing - giving you the prime ability to sell to people who are actively interested in your niche, over and over again.


In this course I am going to be showing you the exact strategies you can use to create (or curate) a killer newsletter, and show you the psychological triggers you can use to either sell a premium edition of your content, or indeed just to use it as a platform to sell complementary products and services.


And I want to point out right from the start that newsletters are not just the domain of the Internet Marketing world. I will show you dozens of examples of premium newsletters across a wide variety of niches, and will share with you exactly how you can get started quickly and easily building your subscription empire.


The key driver for an ever growing and successful online business is properly implementing a sales funnel, and this should be your main focus. Being able to sell even more products and services to people who have already paid for something specific is far, far, easier than selling cold, even if the initial subscription was a really low-ball one of just a few dollars per month.


Building your funnel is vitally important and most people miss out several simple but critical steps, and I’ll also be sharing with you my personal Raine Report sales funnel which is converting like crazy.


You don’t need to be some technical whiz to get this setup. In fact if you choose to go down the PDF newsletter route then you can do this for absolutely zero cost in a browser, and if you’re not a writer then we’ll be looking at other distribution methods for audio and video as well, so we’ve got you covered at all bases.


There are other options that could make you more cash, and keep subscribers for far longer than the normal average, but the key here is to remember that literally anyone can do this, and nothing is out of your grasp.


So let’s get down to the nitty gritty, and let’s talk about the exact things you are about to learn.

The course is made up of short, action oriented sessions which you can read and implement immediately, and I cover everything you need to know to get started quickly and earning money fast.


What You Will Learn:


Choosing Your Niche: Many people see this as a stumbling block, but I want to show you that there are potential niches everywhere you look, and there is money to be made in almost all topic areas.

Discover the two key things you need to look at before even considering a market. Get these right and you can supercharge your results, get it wrong and you could waste countless hours for no return at all!

The single most important and potentially lucrative thing that most people don’t even consider, which can have far reaching consequences for your business and your income. Trust me when I say that by doing this one simple thing you will be put yourself ahead of 95% of your competitors, because virtually no one does this process.

The 2 key tools you need to use before you even consider writing a single sentence.

My two super-secret weapons that will take you to the next level and give you your customer’s age, income, gender, occupation, hobbies, education level, the products they buy, and much more just from their email address! Do this right and you’ll be able to sell your products, services, and promotions easily - get it wrong and you’ll be wasting time, energy, and money on trying to sell to the wrong crowd!

The ideal mix of content to keep your readers engaged and get the best bang for your buck, and the crucial content and knowledge gap you need to have between you and your readers to stand out in your niche - which is smaller than you think!

The very first question you should ask before starting out. Get this wrong and it can literally be the difference between success and failure.

The six routes to easily collate, create, and source killer content for your newsletters. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is hard, it can be super quick and easy if you plan the right way!

The two key steps to efficient and effective planning to make sure that you only spend your time on the crucial tasks that take your business forward and make you more money.

My super-simple, super-quick, and super-star method of quickly planning out single articles and wider newsletters in the quickest and most productive way possible. This can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Swipe the single most important thing I did which resulted in me doubling my output, and reduced the amount of time I wasted on the wrong tasks. Follow these simple steps and you’ll see just how easy it is to focus on the crucial tasks that make you more money and grow your business.

Discover the 5 different business models you can implement today, and the kicker is that these models don’t have to be used in isolation, you can combine them and tweak them to work with your own circumstances to achieve the goals you’re targeting. Take a quick peek:

1. The List & Lead Generator: If you want to build massive targeted email lists to sell your own products or affiliate products, or generate new leads for your business, then this is the business model for you.

2. The Value Chain: If you implement this strategy correctly then you’ll see how easy it is to convert your initial customer into a lifetime cash machine, growing your income month-on-month.

3. The $60,000 Per Year Secret: This business model is one of my favourites because it’s an easy concept to run with, and it’s an easier sell to the potential customer, all the while generating you significant income.

4. The Premium Collection: There are some killer opportunities and benefits that you get from having a publication that is potentially only affordable to the more affluent members of your community, let me show you how.

5. Newsletters As A Service: Why bother teaching a man to fish if he’s willing to pay you every single day for a new fish? This business model will let you make money easily by providing a valuable service to an eager crowd.

The four key stats you need to be monitoring which will help you quickly and easily see how your business is performing. Ignore these at your peril! If you track them correctly you can see how to build your income and boost your revenue, if you don’t then it can all come crashing down around your ears!

How to implement effective sales funnels that convert and bring you an ever growing income source, allowing you to keep adding prospects in one end, and generating cash out of the other.

The key marketing channels and techniques to get the right customers into your newsletter and sales funnel, making it much easier to sell more of your products and services to grow your income.


And that is just a sample of everything
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